Gillian Beaumont Legal & WLA ACT Award

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We are delighted to announce the Gillian Beaumont Legal & WLA ACT Award for a member to attend the Australian Women Lawyers 2018 National Conference.  The Award builds on the success of the first award made four years ago and is once again made possible with the generous support of Gillian Beaumont Legal.

The Awards consists of -

  • Registration at the Conference in Sydney on 24-26 August 2018. WLA ACT will register the Award winner and pay the registration fee.
  • A ticket to the Conference Gala Dinner on Saturday 25 August.
  • $500 towards travel and accommodation costs enabling attendance at the Conference. 

The Conference is the peak conference for female practitioners, leaders and senior professional across the Australian legal sector to form new relationships, discuss ideas and learn from industry leaders. For more information about the conference please click here.

Requirements to apply for the Award -

Your application must be submitted by email to by Thursday 26 July 2018 and satisfy the following requirements:

1.     You must be a current member (2018/19 Financial Year) of WLA ACT.

2.     You must submit a statement of 800 - 1000 words (longer statements will not be considered) addressing as relevant -

a)     Your contribution to the aims of the WLA ACT (see 'about us')

b)    The likely benefits to you of attending the Conference

c)     The need for support (your personal financial circumstances do not need to be disclosed, but it would be relevant, for example, whether or not your employer would fund you to attend, whether or not you are in the early years of your career, whether or not you work for an NGO/community service).

3.    You must provide a brief (one page) CV, including date of admission (if relevant) and work history.

4.     You must commit to preparing a 850-1500 word written piece about the Conference within 30 days of your return, for publication as WLA ACT sees fit.

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We are delighted to announce that Gillian Beaumont Legal has selected Georgina McKay as the winner of the Gillian Beaumont Legal & WLA ACT Award 2016 to attend the AWL National Conference in Perth. 

Congratulations to Georgina and thank you to all members who submitted applications and contributed to the competitiveness of this Award.

We look forward to reading about Georgina's experience at the Conference in our next Newsletter.

Thanks again to Gillian Beaumont Legal for the generous support that has made this Award possible.