Julia Heinze - Infinity Legal

Julia Heinze - Infinity Legal.jpeg

Julia was profiled for our newsletter in October 2014.

Why did you join the Association?

I think that it is very important to surround yourself with other women in the same industry to build positive networks and support systems. I joined the association to be able to support other women and act on my belief that gender equality within the law is important for both men and women.

What WLA initiative or event are you looking forward to, and why? 

I am looking forward to the Survey Launch Event on 30 October 2014 which my firm Infinity Legal has been fortunate enough to sponsor. I believe that the annual Pay and Conditions Survey done by WLA ACT is a very important initiative to help young lawyers, both women and men recognise their value. I also encourage my staff to attend as many WLA ACT events as possible to be able to meet other likeminded people and form supportive networks throughout the wider legal community.

Who is a professional that you look up to/ inspires you and why? 

Whilst not a comment on her political views, for me Julia Gillard is an example of a female lawyer who achieved great success. Julia Gillard is an inspiring example of what intelligence, hard work and a passion for your chosen career can have. I think that all female lawyers can use our first female Prime Minister as a great example of a woman leading the way.

If you could give one piece of advice to your first-year professional self, what would it be?

“That it will get easier.” Entering the legal industry as a graduate is daunting and you become very aware of how much you didn’t learn at law school. However, as you gain experience everything becomes easier and you will feel comfortable. Law really is a rewarding career, despite the often long hours and hard work and I enjoy mentoring young lawyers throughout their first few years of practice.