Elaine Li - Robinson + McGuinness Family Law

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Elaine joined Robinson + McGuinness Family Law in 2017 currently practises in family law.

Robinson + McGuinness Family Law are a WLA ACT Corporate Member.

Why did you join WLA?

I joined WLA to become part of a community of women lawyers who regularly meet to exchange ideas and network together. Through WLA, I have met women lawyers from diverse legal, organisational and cultural backgrounds. I have also had the opportunity to attend the WLA hosted social events and seminars that offer a unique perspective on gender issues.

What WLA event have you enjoyed attending this year and why?

I particularly enjoyed the Annual Law Week Dinner this year, with the formidable Clementine Ford as guest speaker. The dinner was held at the Deck at Regatta Point and the atmosphere felt very intimate even though there were a high turnout of attendees.

Who is a professional that you look up to you and why? 

I am very grateful for the strong, intelligent and compassionate women who have been my mentors since early on in my career. I look up to all of them as they have lead by example and set a high standard of professionalism and personal integrity. Over the years, these women have offered me guidance and advice, and encouraged me to apply for new positions and negotiate working conditions.

If you could give one piece of advice to your first-year professional self, what would it be?

Embrace every challenge as a learning opportunity and practise in as many areas of law as you can. Within my first year, I was able to practise in civil law, family law, domestic violence litigation, and even did a couple of bail hearings on Saturdays just for the fun of it. It can be a rewarding experience exploring different areas of law and gaining a better understanding of your strengths and interests.

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