Belinda Miller - Women's Legal Centre

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Belinda was profiled for our newsletter in June 2016.

Why did you join WLA ACT?

I joined the WLA because I wanted to get to meet more female professionals in my field. I think it is a great way to stay engaged with issues affecting us as women in the legal community, and also meet some great new people.

What WLA ACT event are you looking forward to, and why? 

I am most looking forward to the mentor breakfasts. As a young career professional, the opportunity to hear from local women with successful careers and meet other people in a similar position is really exciting. While there is a lot to be said for learning from inspiring leaders like Julia Gillard or Dr Fiona Wood, as someone at the beginning of their career, it is also extremely useful to hear from people in a similar position to where you are, with recent experience of the difficulties you face when starting out.

Who is a professional that inspires you and why?

My current boss is someone who really inspires me. She is extremely clever and efficient at her job, gets things done and isn't afraid to make difficult decisions. She works really hard and has been incredibly successful, but also really values work life balance and works part time (as does her husband) to care for her child. She has taught me that you don't have to sacrifice your personal life to be a successful professional, and to always be brave in completing your work.

If you could give one piece of advice to your first-year professional self, what would it be?

Having not been a 'professional' for too long, my advice would be to take every opportunity, don't take things too much to heart, never be afraid to ask people for advice, and trust that things will work out alright.