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Speak up: How To Lead When It Matters Most

On 11 April 2017, WLA hosted a seminar by Zoë Routh titled Speak Up: How to Lead when it Matters Most.

Throughout the seminar, Zoë engaged the audience with scenarios and questions, putting everyone instantly at ease. Zoë analogised speaking up to the feeling of abseiling - slightly terrifying daunting and needing to rely on oneself. Zoe identified a number of factors driving our behaviour and, in particular, how the digital era of interconnectedness affects how we can effectively speak up.  

Zoë noted a few of the key mistakes to speaking up, including: using authority as influence, speaking with charisma but lacking depth, and defaulting to expertise.

To speak up effectively, Zoë identified the need to be both real and vulnerable. She also suggested asking advice as a way of influencing others. Zoë left us with a valuable piece of advice: work on courage not confidence, as confidence will naturally follow.

Zoë is an executive/leadership coach and the founder and Director of Inner Compass Leadership Development. Zoë works with clients across both the public and private sector, focusing on developing leadership capacity, skill, and ability at all levels in organisations. Zoë has extensive experience designing, facilitating, and overseeing senior leadership programs.