International Women's Day Event: Professor Patricia Easteal - Sponsored by Farrar Gesini Dunn

Snapshots of the Australian Legal System and Victims of Family Violence: Colliding Kaleidoscopes and the Gendered Iceberg

An Address by Professor Patricia Easteal AM

Don't miss our event to mark International Women's Day this year - to be held at ANU Commons on 9 March 2017 (the day after the official International Women's Day). 

Patricia will explain how the unconscious gendered filtering of 'reality' in our culture (the iceberg of biases) can militate against the successful translation of the many laws and amendments enacted to better address violence against women. 

Listen to the compelling address by Professor Patricia Easteal AM and then enjoy drinks, canapes and networking. 

The topic is relevant not just to lawyers but also to the community more broadly. To book a place, CLICK HERE

See you there!

WLA ACT is grateful for Farrar Gesini Dunn's sponsorship of this event.