Are you a working mum?

If you're a working mum and would like some targeted assistance in helping to balance your roles at work and home, you may be interested in the Working Mothers' Program workshop. Read on and complete our survey ...

In the Law Council of Australia's National Attrition and Re-engagement Study (NARS) Report published in 2014, it was reported that female practitioners who participated in the survey were less satisfied with their work than their male counterparts. Among the 3 elements of work that gave female respondents the most dissatisfaction were:

  • career development
  • career progression
  • work/life balance.

These may be most acutely felt for women with family responsibilities.

'How Do You Do It' is a private provider which offers the Working Mothers' Program to assist working mothers with strategies to help them more easily balance their roles so that they are more productive, confident and satisfied in both work and family areas. The program covers these 3 areas of dissatisfaction identified in the NARS Report. The facilitators at How Do You Do It have extensive experience working with women in professional services contexts, including in the legal profession. Attached is a summary of what is offered in the program.

The Working Mothers' Program requires a minimum number of participants (usually 10-12 people) which may mean that it is not feasible for many firms in Canberra to offer to their female staff. However, if there are sufficient numbers of WLA ACT members willing to participate in the program, this is something that WLA ACT can help to facilitate. How Do You Do It can adjust the program to cater for participants coming from different organisations.

If you are a WLA ACT member and the Working Mothers' Program is something that you may be interested in, we encourage you to discuss it with your employer/organisation and click here to complete this survey so we can assess the feasibility of running the program. Your responses will not be shared with anyone other than the WLA ACT Committee. If it is becomes appropriate to share your responses with How Do You Do It, we will seek your express consent before doing so.