WILO mentoring program

The Women in Law Organisation (‘WILO’) runs a mentoring program aimed at women studying in the Australian National University’s College of Law.

This program pairs women law students with professional women in the legal sector, as a means to empower and develop women studying law.

We are proud to support the program and encourage our members who are interested in being a mentor to sign up. Applications for the current mentor program session close on 3 August 2019.

The program involves a mentor meeting their mentee on at least two occasions during the university semester.  The program provides a Mentoring Manual to assist in structuring your sessions.

WILO will select the mentees and conduct the matching process. Preference will be given to later year students.  Mentors and mentees will be matched based on preferred contact hours and areas of mutual professional interest.  Additionally, any personal preferences by mentors may be taken into account. 

Go to the WILO website to download the latest WILO Mentoring Manual.